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>> Introduction to CPAS training unit: :

The specialized engineering training course is one of the main engineering units in the Center of planning and architectural studies.
It works in cooperation and coordination with the other units in preparing and organizing the training courses for the engineers from different specializations: urban planning, architecture, structural engineering, sanitary, civil engineering, project management, economic feasibility studies and pre-investment studies in Egypt and abroad.
The specialized training unit prepares programs and the time schedule of the scientific engineering annual training courses in the Center premises during the morning and evening sessions, in cooperation with the Center experts. It is concerned with the promotion of the programs with the organizations, institutions and individuals in Egypt and abroad through the advertisement in the different means of media. The unit prepares, for this reason, pamphlets that explain the aim of each course, its engineering subjects and the lectures titles to be sent to the concerned authorities in Egypt and abroad. It also has a rich list of the names and addresses of different concerned authorities in the world. The unit is registered in the United Nations for human habitation and other international organizations sponsoring the training activities of the world.

The scope of work

The scope of work of the specialized engineering training unit is divided into 3 levels. The first is concerned with the preparation of the specialized engineering training courses in the Center. It advertises for the courses in Egypt and abroad. The second prepares the specialized engineering training courses outside the Center but in Egypt according to the requirements of the respective authorities sponsoring these specialized courses. The third is confined to the engineering training courses requested by the sponsoring foreign authorities abroad, whether these courses are held in the Center premises in Cairo or in any place requested by the sponsoring authorities. The training unit makes use of the international and local experiences and the scientific references.
The training course is held in the Center conference hall that is air-conditioned and equipped with audio – visual means of illustration,  a video and a television screen … Specialized scientific visits are organized to take place in between the training courses according to the course programs in order to cover the practical aspects. The unit has acquired long experiences in the field of training. The engineering training courses may be sometimes modified in order to become an integral part of the engineering educational programs for many foreign universities, the case that adds a new dimension to the unit activity in training the students of the final year of the planning, architecture, civil departments in Egypt and abroad. 


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